Humanitarian Camps trip to Nepal August 2024

Humanitarian Camps trip to Nepal August 2024 Courses, Volunteers and companions.

From August 1 to 15 Nepal  The program and price is for the first 15 days. Tours and camps from August 17 to 27 in Tibet will have additional payment.  Accommodation in the Monasteries and Hotels in the area 

Watch one of the videos from the Nepal camp August 2023

Watch live videos from Camp Nepal August 2023

Trip info to Nepal and Tibet August 2024

.   The Trip will have two stages. Kathmandu and Pokara from August 1 to 15. Trip to Tibet from August 17 to 27. Optional
Each part has a price. You can come to one part alone or to both parts.
From August 1 to 15 Kathmandu. pokara and others Comprehensive assistance price . Accommodation, transportation, guides, volunteering and 

Logistics course and practical protocols for camps

Oriental Physiotherapy Course – Electroacupuncture 1050  With accommodation in Monastery.
1350  with accommodation in high-end hotels.

Price with the Acupuncture Diploma in Total Monastery Accommodation Camp and Course 1550
In accommodation in high-end hotels 1850

Price with a Master of Clinical Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture or Total Aesthetics with a Master’s Degree
Accommodation in a Monastery 1750
Accommodation in high-end hotels 2100

Assistance, accommodation, breakfast , transportation, guides and volunteering Nepal Only – Place reservation 500 Euros.

All Volunteers will be accredited by the Association with cards. Send passport size photograph. The campaign in Nepal will also receive the accrediting titles of the courses they have taken or the accrediting titles of the hours, and places where they have helped with treatments.
Flight or other transportation to Nepal is not included.
In the coming days we will publish details and prices for the trip to Tibet. 

Trip program

Nepal and Tibet Trip Program and Information
Logistics course, practical protocols in Humanitarian Camps mandatory before the trip.
Day 1 Kathmand ú
Day 2 treatment in the Bauda Tibetan refugee camp.
Day 3 Treatment at Baudha Refugee Camp
Day 4 Treatment at Sherpa Service Center.
Day 5 sherpa service center
Day 6 Swambhu Tibetan Camp
Day 7 Swambhu Tibetan Camp
Day 8 pokhara by car or flight.
Day 9 Treatment at Pokhara Tibetan Camp
Day 10 Treatment at Tibetan Camp
Day 11 Tibetan Camp Treatment
Day 12 return to Kathmandu
Day 13/14, day option for Baudha Monastery or Jaulakhel Camp treatment
Day 15 last day
Day August 16 End of the first part of the trip We will say goodbye to those who come only to Nepal and we will receive those who come only to Tibet.
Day 17 Trip to Tibet, departure from Kathmandu to Lasha. Tibet. Site schedule in the coming days.
If you want to come to Tibet, get in touch quickly because you have to manage the documentation to be able to travel to Tibet. Before booking +34646873710 send a message or call.

The program is indicative regarding the centers, it may vary if there is more need for our attention in another center both in Kathmandu and Pokara. 

The Accommodations will have breakfast included from July 31 to August 16. For the camp in Nepal. 

If you are a school or therapy center or any other activity, you can come as an Associated school or center or Guest Collaborator. Send us an e-mail, WhatsApp or phone number so we can tell you about all the participation options and the benefits of being an Associate or guest of the Association.

Book a Volunteer spot in Nepal Monastery

Reserva Basica Monasterio500.00 EURReservar Plaza Campamento Basico
Reserva Campamento + Curso A850.00 EURReeerva Campamento Nepal + Diplomado de Acupuntura
Reserva Campamento Acopanñante.350.00 EURReserva Nepal Acompañante
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Book Volunteer Place Nepal Hotel Accommodation. 

Reserva Primer Pago500.00 USDReservar Plaza Campamento opción 2
2º Pago Nepal500.00 USD2º Pago Nepal
3ª Pago Nepal350.00 USD3º Pago Nepal
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Book full payment and book Escorts

Pago Nepal Voluntario Completo1350.00 USDPago Completo Voluntario
Pago Completo Acopañante750.00 USDPago Completo acompañante
Pagp Completo con Diplomado1850.00 USDPago completo Nepal Hote y Diplomado Acupuntura
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Book a Place for a Diploma Course in Acupuncture with or without Camp Nepal

Reserva Curso Acupuntura y Nepal850.00 EURReserva Diplomado Acupuntura y Campamento Nepal
Reserva Curso Madrid500.00 EURReserva Dipplomado Acupuntura Madrid
Reserva Curso en Linea350.00 EURReserva Diplomado Acupuntura en Linea.
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.


Send us your Data if you have not already done so once you confirm your reservation.


We also have the option of participating by providing scholarships to students. 



To enroll with variable payment or in the Master options, send us a message using the chat on the page or calling us by phone.




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